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Automated managed Kubernetes with up to x5 lower prices than cloud vendors

_ Open banking - simpler

Account information

Most companies have multiple bank accounts across different banks. Keeping track of the different transactions (inflows, outflows) is a common problem for accounting. We provide automated access in real-time to all this information.

Our streamlined API offers account information across the 4 Greek systemic banks (Pancreta Bank and Optima Bank to be added soon). It is specifically designed for SMEs that need to integrate, in real-time, the bank transaction data with their back-office applications or need to allow their customers to share account information data with them.

We believe that this is the first step for the future of financial services.

_ Powerful financial insights

Transaction analytics

The market nowadays is complex and very competitive. Without robust and reliable analytics, it is difficult for a business to survive. Share with us the bank transaction data and we can lead with the analytics.

We have built a powerful analytics engine, called Wyre, which uses neural networks to classify (bank account) transaction data, offering valuable insights, like income identification, expenditure categorisation, identification of recurring payments, description normalisation, and more. Our transaction analytics engine can also lead to metrics for financial status, stability scores, employment, sources of income, credit scoring, etc.

_ Streamlined processes

Bank reconciliation

Bank reconciliation is an essential part of each accounting process. The existing practices take a long time and are prone to errors.

Our solution is the accurate, reliable, and fast automation of reconciliation process between bank transaction data and accounting software. Our matching engine suggests the best combination of transactions and invoices based on high-tech machine learning algorithms (NLP, neural networks). The system can also learn from user selections and automate future ERP entries (repetitive tasks automation). So simple as pressing a button!

_ Data empowerment

Customer Experience Analytics

Innovate faster by listening to your customers' needs and feedback on websites, blogs, social media.

Collect and unify data about your users and create personalised recommendations from that data. You can use this tool to collect customer impressions and comments on your products, or find out how popular your product is compared to the competition.

To accelerate advertising and marketing transformation we enable industry customers to reinvent customer experience analytics

_ Low cost Scalable systems

Managed Kubernetes Clusters

Managed Kubernetes Clusters (MKC) is a managed Kubernetes service that makes it easy for you to run Kubernetes on Squaredev premises and reduce costs.

Create applications that automatically scale up and down and run in a highly available environment. Manage your Kubernetes clusters and applications in hybrid environments.

Reduce costs with efficient compute resource provisioning and automatic Kubernetes application scaling.

You can take advantage of all the performance, scale, reliability, and availability of optimised Kubernetes infrastructure and bare metal servers.

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