Make better and faster credit decisions with Open Banking

Achieve higher acceptance rates and fewer bad loans, harnessing Open Banking data. Quickly and easily integrate our platform into your current processes.

Achieve higher acceptance rates

Accessing accurate financial data can boost the chances of an applicant getting accepted.

Decrease default rates

Using our predictive analytics platform you can easily view the probability of a customer defaulting on a loan.

A better user experience

No documents, just a bank account, guarantee a better user experience and access to digital products.

_ digital transformation

A new source of credit data

We are leveraging Open Banking (PSD2) data and financial behavior to provide a fairer credit score that enables lenders to make credit more accessible to their customers and deliver a better digital experience. At the same time we aim at offering personalised explanations and make credit decisions transparent to consumers.

_ income verification

Thin credit files, credit risk and fraudulent applications

The banking sector faces a lot of challenges when it comes to make a decision around credit risk. Not all customer are paid monthly (e.g. gig economy), not all of them have a credit file (e.g. they just moved from abroad) and not all of them play fair (e.g. fraudulent applications). With the incorporation of income verification into your existing processes, you can meet these challenges and take the right decisions.

How it works

Auto Finance, Banking, Retail Finance or Credit Cards? Integrate our platform in your lending business.

1 _ Product application

When applying for a financial product, e.g. a car loan or a bank loan, the customer is usually requested to upload a tax clearance document, a payroll slip and maybe other documents that prove financial status. Using our platform, though, that won't be necessary, all is needed is user's consent.

2 _ Processing customer data

The lender requests customer's consent to access account data, either by sending an invitation from our platform, or by clicking an embedded button in the lender's website. After accessing their account information, using a GDPR compliant authentication process, financial data is processed and delivered to the lender through our platform's dashboard.

3 _ Credit scoring

Customer's financial information is categorized and aggregated. Our model will analyze spending habits to predict whether the consumer will repay or not. Aggregated data and the credit score becomes available to the lender within our platform's dashboard.

4 _ Credit decision

The lender will use our credit score to make a decision. Our findings are also shared with the customer, in a friendly and explainable format, to achieve transparency and a better customer experience.

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