Transforming Data into Knowledge

Turn data into your organiaztion's power and make strategic choices.

Use Knowledge Graphs and gain a holistic view of your data

As businesses become more customer centric, it has never been more urgent than today to leverage the connections in your data to make timely operational decisions.

Make Graphs a fundamental component of your AI Systems

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to drive the next wave of technological disruption across nearly every industry. Knowledge graphs will provide the foundations.

Use Graph Analytics to uncover insights in networks of data

Use algorithms on connected data to evaluate and infer the organization and dynamics of real-world systems.

_ Digital transformation

What is an Enterprise Knowledge Graph and why should you be interested?

An Enterprise Knowledge Graph is a model of a knowledge domain created by subject-matter experts with the help of intelligent machine learning algorithms. It provides a structure and common interface for all of your data and enables the creation of smart multilateral relations throughout your databases. Structured as an additional virtual data layer, the Knowledge Graph lies on top of your existing databases or data sets to link all your data together at scale – be it structured or unstructured.

Performing models attribute their success to structured workflows

Let us demonstrate our process

1 _ Understanding the field and defining the actors

The first question should be what actors there are in the field that you are interested to research. The actors can vary from real persons to concepts, from institutions to inanimate objects.

3 _ Detecting the relationships

The second step is to come up with relations that make the interaction or some other relation possible between the actors. These will describe every relation in your domain of interest.

3 _ Compiling data & building the graph

Gathering data from public sources to augment the existing will also expand your domain's knowledge and uncover hidden connections and patterns.

4 _ Reading & analyzing the graph

Using graph algorithms and constantly expanding the graph with new data and connections will improve your predictions accuracy and your business decision process.


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