Get to know your customers through their transactions.

Analyze transactions to get market insights and personalise your services.

Identify market trends through transactions

Gain access to actual market trends tracked through the transactions of customers.

Social/consumer prediction through AI

Predict market changes with AI powered analytics before they happen and react to them faster with confidence.

Demand analytics and demand signals

Identify demand signals in real time. Analyse your audience and offer personalised services.

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Analyse the market to predict trends and personalise services

Markets are becoming increasingly difficult to reason with and customers only get more demanding over time. Get the insights needed to get closer to your customers and personalise their experience with your services. Use targeted marketing to make offers that people actually will want.

By using Transaction analytics, demand signals can be identified, predicting emerging trends of customers. These demand analytics can then be translated to coming market changes, helping companies adapt to the needs and demand of their customers before they become mainstream. Let your company set the pace of the market and be ahead of your competition.

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Reduce marketing costs

By analyzing the spending behavior of your customers you will be able to tune your marketing campaigns reaching people who are really interested in your services. Take advantage of life events or new purchases and target a more specific group of your audience. Reduce the cost of existing marketing campaigns and increase chances of engagement by only advertising to your customers what they actually need. Take your marketing to a whole new personalised level.

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