Transform your lending and scoring with Open Banking

Discover new opportunities for your lending business and see how Open Banking can transform your current processes.

Identity verification

Identity verification through physical documentation is preventing lenders from offering digital services. With Open Banking, customer onboarding and processes like KYC and AML are digitised and becoming faster and more efficient.

Better and faster credit decisions

Achieve higher acceptance rates and fewer bad loans, harnessing Open Banking data. Quickly and easily integrate our platform into your current processes.

Income verification

Identify income from various sources, not only those that get paid monthly and eliminate the need to supply documentary evidence, but also enhance KYC/AML.

Liabilities verification

Verify current liabilities and identify others that cannot be found in credit bureaus reports, enhancing your customer's 360° view and your KYC process.
_ Data aggregation

A unified Open Banking API

Open Banking (PSD2) is new and immature and requires effort to connect to different banks and different APIs, as each bank has implemented its own version of the specification. Instead of spending months to connect to each bank and a life keeping up to inevitable changes, you can use our unified Open Banking API to connect to all banks and grow with us. Our API already gives life to our solutions but can also support yours. Use the form below to connect with us.

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