Build better products with finance embedded

Build innovative solutions for you and your customers by getting financial data right when you need them. From complex workflows that require real time access to account data, to financial managers, to credit decisioning systems powered by explainable AI, the possibilities are endless.

Access banking data in real time

Use a single Open Banking API to securely access financial data in real time.

Turn financial transaction data into valuable insights

Get ML-powered income verification, automatic transaction classification, affordability assessment and credit scoring.

Credit decisioning with built-in explainability

Be able to explain and know the 'why' behind your AI-powered credit decisions.

_ Customer engagement

Engage your customers with your own PFM / BFM

Personal financial managers (PFM) change the way people manage their finances. Allow your customers to connect their bank accounts, achieve their budget goals and receive financial advice, right when they need it. Engage your users and improve loyalty offering your own branded app.

Are your customers freelancers or business owners? Offer them a 360-degree view of their financials with a business financial manager (BFM) by allowing them to connect, not just their bank accounts (personal and business) but also their ERPs. Business users enjoy advanced financial analytics including predictions of their cash flow, upcoming payments, bank reconciliation and much more.

_ Explainable AI

Credit decisioning powered by explainable AI

Be fair and transparent to your customers by letting them know why they were accepted or rejected. Our Open Banking API is backed-up by explainable AI, passing the “why” behind our model’s decisions, so that you can give answers to your users, stakeholders and auditors. Use AI responsibly, make sure your datasets are free of bias and get ready for your next AI audit.

_ Case study


Softone trusted Squaredev to build a business financial app for their customers. Using the app, Softone’s users can connect their bank and ERP accounts, to get a fully consolidated view of their financials. Other features include:

  • Predictions on revenue, expenses and cash flow of the following months
  • Smart analytics, expenses categorisation and budgeting tools
  • Notifications on their cash flow and spending limits
  • IBAN to IBAN payments

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