Understand unstructured text; give meaning and context to produce insights

Natural language processing can be used to teach AI the language of your business.

Use our NLP platform to bring order to unstructured documents

Use our AI systems in numerous fields through the combination of data science and computer science.

Detect emerging trends, perform predictive analytics, and gain insights

When it’s time to make a critical business decision, you want to access all the information.

Use our NLP specific tools for data annotation and maintenance

Combine computational linguistics and artificial intelligence and look for patterns, trends, and relationships between different pieces of content

_ Computational linguistics

Natural language processing is the future of human-machine interactions

We are building agents that: extracts key phrases, places, people, brands, or events, understand how positive or negative the text is, analyze text using tokenization and parts of speech, and automatically organizes a collection of text by topic or class. We combine this with other deep learning principles and produce new data and insights that are previously hard to measure.

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