Humans are good at algorithms; machines are better

Software engineering is advancing to the level that optimization algorithms are now written by neural networks. We provide the tools to make this possible.

Incorporate software 2.0 tools in your organisation. Make data the driving force

Software 2.0 implies that machines are better at figuring a way to solve a problem. All you have to do is teach them through data

Use our tools for data annotation so that agents can be taught complex scenarios

Data annotation tools will drive ML models. Tuning to perfection will require advanced tooling

Use the impact of machine learning as an advantage for your business

AI and machine learning are being used to help developers through every stage of the software development lifecycle

_ Software 2.0

Is machine learning changing the way we write software?

Machine learning requires large amounts of data, usually in the form of labeled examples. We have come to a point where we can stop thinking of programming as writing a step of instructions in a programming language like C or Java or Python. Instead, we can program by example. We can collect many examples of what we want the program to do and what not to do (examples of correct and incorrect behavior), label them appropriately, and train a model to perform correctly on new inputs. In short, we can use machine learning to automate software development itself.

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